eve – The Restaurant Cookbook “walks” you through the experience of dining at eve, beginning with the composed butters and bread that are served to all guests as they are seated, progresses through the courses of a meal and finally, concludes, as each meal does at eve, with her signature sugared mint leaves.

The book includes recipes for the seasonal jams made at eve as well as the aromatic oils and spice mixtures which are a foundation of her distinct style.

Interspersed throughout the book Eve tells you stories which give a unique insight into the life of the restaurant – how she hires people, what the restaurant means to her, her passion for the slow food movement, the pairing of wine and food, how she approaches cooking. You can feel her commitment to food, her restaurant and her guests as she describes the testing of recipes for this book, her care and dedication to her employees, her enthusiasm for food from its growth to its preparation.

She leaves nothing untouched, from the precision in the amounts of ingredients to the presentation on the plate offering you the opportunity to re-create the experience of dining at eve, but simultaneously suggesting ways to simplify recipes, pare things down and basically embrace a way of cooking that combines proper technique with an intuitive, open-minded approach to cooking.

Along the way she entertains and guides you with anecdotes and her love of food. Enjoying food is an important part of life and she hopes to be part of your joie de vivre -