eve – The Restaurant Cookbook “walks” you through the experience of dining at eve, beginning with the composed butters and bread that are served to all guests as they are seated, progresses through the courses of a meal and finally, concludes, as each meal does at eve, with her signature sugared mint leaves.

The book includes recipes for the seasonal jams made at eve as well as the aromatic oils and spice mixtures which are a foundation of her distinct style.

Interspersed throughout the book Eve tells you stories which give a unique insight into the life of the restaurant – how she hires people, what the restaurant means to her, her passion for the slow food movement, the pairing of wine and food, how she approaches cooking. You can feel her commitment to food, her restaurant and her guests as she describes the testing of recipes for this book, her care and dedication to her employees, her enthusiasm for food from its growth to its preparation.

She leaves nothing untouched, from the precision in the amounts of ingredients to the presentation on the plate offering you the opportunity to re-create the experience of dining at eve, but simultaneously suggesting ways to simplify recipes, pare things down and basically embrace a way of cooking that combines proper technique with an intuitive, open-minded approach to cooking.

Along the way she entertains and guides you with anecdotes and her love of food. Enjoying food is an important part of life and she hopes to be part of your joie de vivre -


Complimentary appetizers and great music every Thursday from 9:30 – 11pm
Join us for Happy Hour every Tuesday-Friday from 5-7pm for 20% off our extensive wines by the glass list as well as seasonal appetizer and cocktail specials!

Bon Appétit and hope to see you soon!
                                                                                                 – Eve

Introducing a Special Prix Fixe Menu Designed for U of M
$54 Seasonal three course dinner inclusive of tax and gratuity – available nightly
Fiesta de Cinco de Mayo
Wednesday, May 5th- arrive 7pm $50 per person-tax and gratuity additional
One of the most festive nights of the year at the restaurant!  Muy caliente!  Come and enjoy a very special tequila tasting along with Mexican beer and spicy tapas! Our Latin American staff members will be contributing their favorite childhood dishes.
Mother’s Day Brunch
Sunday, May 9th – 11am-2pm, a la carte
Treat your mother to this very special seasonal brunch as the growing season commences!  Menu is a la carte and brunches fill up quickly, so make your reservations soon!
We are so excited to announce an eve / Frita Batidos joint adventure/volunteer work/educational staff field trip to Honduras!!!
Members of eve and Frita Batidos staff will be traveling to Honduras on May 20th to spend a week building stoves in village homes as well as getting to know and work with the coffee farmers of La Union municipality.  We will get to learn about the coffee cultivation process first hand from planting, to harvesting to the drying of the beans!  (and then work with and drink this very coffee at home, knowing where it came from, the farmers who put their labor into the cultivation and feel good about doing something we care about and believe in)
We are very proud and excited to use these beans in developing our own signature blend for Frita Batidos, where intense, complex, Cuban style coffee is going to be central!!!! (along with Fritas, Batidos and great bread!)
Frita Batidos, our new creative venture, will be a very casual restaurant/sandwich shop inspired by the spirit of Cuban culture – revolving around a fantasy inspired by two traditional Cuban culinary elements – The FRITA – a Cuban burger made from spicy chorizo served with shoestring fries on top in a soft egg bun and BATIDOS – Tropical milkshakes made with fresh fruit, crushed ice and a drop of sweetened milk – with or without rum. Like burgers and shakes, Fritas and Batidos are a natural pairing and the whimsical menu is the result of dreaming about these two dishes for years!
We are lucky enough to have a very special member of our kitchen staff at eve, Andrew Boyd, who traveled to the village of La Union, Honduras with his church in 2005 on a service trip. The purpose of this trip was to build stoves in homes where traditionally cooking was done around fires built in the center of households without proper ventilation.  This practice was very harmful and led to many illnesses including the second leading cause of death among children in Honduras to be respiratory related.  This trip made a huge impact on Andrew and after many similar trips and the development of strong personal ties to the coffee farmers in La Union, he came up with the idea to develop a microloan organization which could partner with these farmers as a means for them to foster their businesses and bring themselves out of poverty. 
After graduating from U of M, Andrew’s dream came to fruition when he received a $40,000 grant awarded to a graduating senior with a noble purpose (ANDREW!!!!!:)  He created UNION MICROFINANZA, a microloan organization that works with rural coffee farmers to improve their methods of cultivation and enable them to ship to the US and sell their beans at a good price (All beans are bought above fair trade value and 100% of the profits go directly back to aiding the farmers!)
We will all be pooling our resources to make the trip possible and will be selling the ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS Microloan Coffee beans by the pound at the restaurant until our departure ($14/lb, $4 of which will go towards offsetting the cost of the trip)
Just keeping you posted – please stop by and buy a pound or two!!!


After working towards opening this restaurant for many years, I am so happy that all of the pieces finally came together to make it possible to open in this space.

To me, Kerrytown is the kind of special culinary neighborhood you would be excited to find anywhere around the world and I am proud to be a part of the individual character and values that I think Kerrytown represents.
I believe in the philosophy of French cooking. To me that means making almost everything from scratch, following the seasons and savoring and caring about the food. The items we do not make are those unique ones we have found, made by people dedicated to creating a limited selection and supply, and which we could not possibly do as well. We are excited to be able to feature these artisanal items on the menu and can’t wait for you to try them.

In particular, TR Durham, of Durham’s Tracklements is not only providing us with his indescribably good smoked fish, but has worked with us to create custom cures which will allow us to feature his seasonal cured and smoked meat and fish throughout the year.

We hope to encourage the values of the slow food movement which includes supporting local agriculture and small producers and, in general, encourages the appreciation of creativity, passion and beauty. The slow food movement advocates traditional methods of food making and fights the standardization of food. We will do our best to seek out food that tastes like what it is supposed to so that you will be able to eat a tomato that actually tastes like a tomato. Enjoying food is an important part of life, and we hope to be part of your joie de vivre-